Interested patients and physicians can contact any of the physicians of the group practice directly or contact the central reception of the group practice for cellular therapeutics.

If such a therapy is an option can only be decided in a dedicated consultation with knowledge of the patient’s history and any current results of investigations. Any previous therapies or co-morbidities will have to be factors in when making any treatment decisions.

The individual practices can be reached through the link below. At the central reception Mrs. Seidelmann will take your calls. She is coordinating the appointments for the group practice and will put you in touch with the right people if you have any questions.

Central Reception

Anja Seidelmann

+49 5527 9971-20
+49 5527 9971-29

Individual Practices

Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Neßelhut
Dr. med. Jan Neßelhut
Dr. med. Kirsten Neßelhut
Prof. Dr. med Rüdiger Osmers
Hinterstr. 53
37115 Duderstadt
Phone +49 5527 9971-20
Fax+49 5527 9971-29
E-mail info@immune-therapy.net


Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Michael Martin
Nikolausberger Weg 56
37073 Göttingen
Telephone+49 551 43121

Dr. med. Wulf-Peter Brockmann
Beim Strohhause 34
20097 Hamburg
Telephone+49 40 41924612


Treatment Rooms

Behandlungsräume der Praxisgemeinschaft für Zelltherapie (Betriebsstätte 1)

Hinterstr. 53
37115 Duderstadt

Laboratory and administration


Nordhäuser Str. 20
37115 Duderstadt

Contact via phone or email

Can be used to get general information about the therapies and to prepare for a dedicated consultation (for instance to ascertain which investigation results should be brought tot he first appointment).

It can not substitute for a personal doctor-patient contact.

The German physicians’ code does not allow the individual counseling of patients not known to the physician via phone or email. If you are interested in a therapy we would kindly ask you to make an appointment with one of your physicians.

Directions with public

  • Via plane to Frankfurt or Hannover
  • Via train to Göttingen (high speed connection)
  • Via bus or taxi to Duderstadt
  • Praxis Dres. Neßelhut Hinterstr. 53 bzw. Labor der Praxisgemeinschaft für Zelltherapie Nordhäuser Str. 20

Directions by car

Karte Duderstadt



We would be delighted to help with find accommodation near one of our practices.

We are not affiliated to any accommodations and will make our recommendations based on location and feedback from other patients.


The practice Neßelhut in the Hinterstr. is located in one of the oldest houses in Duderstadt in the heart oft he historic city center. Since the building is listed we can not modify it to accommodate barrier free access, however our staff has been able to accommodate any patients so far.

The other individual practices may have different arrangements. Please enquire with your physician if you are coming to one of the other centers.