Range of medical capabilities at our practice

The doctors of the joint practice perform cell-based immunotherapies, which are described in greater detail on our Website. These reflect the collaborative disciplines which led us to found the Group Practice for Cell Therapy.

Therapies using dendritic cells (DC) are used in cancer therapy. In support of treatment following transplantations and with diseases of the autoimmune system tolerogenic macrophages (TOM) are employed. Regenerative macrophages (REM) are used with degenerative diseases involving the immune system.

In medicine complex diagnostic and therapeutic equipment are often used jointly by doctors in order to reduce costs and make these available to as many patients as possible.

A well-known example is the operating rooms in hospitals, which – much the same as our clean room laboratory – can be used by different in-patient doctors.

Cell-based immunotherapies belong to the "new therapies". Working with these is not regulated by the known additional wording, such as pain therapy, as with other interdisciplinary therapeutic principles. Instead, these therapies are subject to their own laws and directives and require special authorisation by the supervisory authorities.

In this connection the doctors of the group practice have a personalised authorisation for the manufacture of somatic therapeutics in accordance with Article 13, Paragraph 1 of the Medicinal Products Act, enabling them to treat patients using cell-based immunotherapies.

This means that patients can speak with every doctor of the Group Practice for Cell Therapy, regardless of medical specialty, in order to gain information about our range of medical capabilities and undergo therapy within the scope of these capabilities.