Our facilities

From 1993 till 2011 we have manufactured our immunological cellular therapeutics in the laboratory of the practice Dres. Neßelhut in the heart of the historic town Duderstadt’s in the Hinterstr. 53. Research and manufacture of therapeutics was carried out here.

Since the practice was founded the laboratory has been continuously modernized and refurbished. In 2010 we reached capacity in our listed building. To continue to offer state of the art work we started building a new laboratory facility in the Nordhäuser Str. in Duderstadt. The new building with over 4000 square feet of laboratory space was completed in 2011.

In the Hinterstr. 53 we are still maintaining the laboratories for research and development, as well as our phlebotomy services and leukapheresis facilities.

In the Nordhäuser Str. 20, we are manufacturing the cellular therapeutics.

Cell-based immunotherapeutics are drugs and their manufacture is tightly controlled. Our laboratory is GMP certified. This includes a quality management system that operates to the same standard as the pharmaceutical industry. National and international laws and guidelines are incorporated into our quality management system.

In addition we are regularly being audited by the: